Strategic Plan

Our Students Soar
Strategic Plan 2021

To the Future with Hope

St. John’s School has many milestones to celebrate throughout its vibrant 35-year history: the completion of our original campus master plan, ten years of the IB programme, and our alumni around the world. Over the last year, the governors, administration, faculty, parents and students have reflected on the St. John’s School experience. How can we best prepare our students for the future while ensuring they are thriving in the present? How do we provide a place for students to explore their individual interests and discover their unique abilities?

Our community members’ responses revealed common themes and they have been distilled into five strategic goals: Connected Communities, Beyond Academics, Healthy Living, Exceptional Talent & Teams, and Long-Term Sustainability. Many of the priorities we identified are common across the goals: celebrating our students beyond our school walls; partnering with organizations in the greater community; building school spirit; prioritizing wellness and environmental stewardship; and ensuring strong volunteer leadership.

We are grateful for all of the individuals who provided input for our strategic planning and Berlineaton for guiding us through the process. We will continue to update the community as the school administration determines the tactics that will support our strategic priorities. We are looking forward to partnering with our school families to fulfill the plan we have before us and to witness our students flourish as a result.

Pamela Jefcoat – Board of Governors

Blayne Addley – Head of School

Headshot of Pamela Jefcoat, Chair of the Board of Governors

Pamela Jefcoat

Former Chair, Board of Governors

Headshot of Blayne Addley, Head of School

Blayne Addley

Head of School

Our Values


We embrace new ideas that challenge us to improve ourselves and our communities.


We promote inquiry and critical thinking.


We are honest. We do the right thing.


We are a warm, caring and inclusive community. We create a culture of kindness, empathy and service to others.


We care deeply about our personal health and the health of our environment. We are mindful of our emotions. We nurture our relationships.

Our Goals

Connected Communities

We celebrate our successes and our unique identity. We strengthen our inclusive school community.

Beyond Academics

We continue to enhance our IB Continuum Program. We enhance our experiential, co-curricular and service programmes.

Healthy Living

We make healthy living a core component of the SJS experience. We lead environmental stewardship with integrity and authenticity.

Exceptional Talent
and Teams

We invest to attract, grow and retain the best faculty and staff. We continue to build a unified and collaborative team.

Long-Term Sustainability

We promote good governance and develop leadership at all levels. We capitalize on our location through intentional partnerships.

Our Students Soar Strategic Plan 2021

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