Clubs & Co-Curriculars
Junior School

Clubs & Co-Curriculars

Enriching Co-Curriculars at SJS

An SJS education extends far beyond the classroom. Our Junior School students have the incredible opportunity to explore a diverse range of co-curricular activities, fostering personal growth, creativity, and community engagement.

A Balanced Approach: Service, Creativity, and Physical Activity

Co-Curriculars and Clubs play a key role in guiding our students towards becoming well-rounded, balanced, global thinkers. 100% of Junior School students and 97% of Senior School students take part in co-curriculars.

A World of Possibilities and Opportunity

SJS students are given opportunities to compete and excel in local, regional and international tournaments across many fields, from chess to business to basketball.

Over 70 co-curricular clubs are available across the school. Here’s just a sample of the co-curricular opportunities offered at St. John’s School, which cover a wide-range of interests.

Ultimate Frisbee

Students will learn and develop fundamental skills in the exciting and growing sport of ultimate frisbee. Grade 5 students will also have the opportunity to compete in games against other schools.

Intermediate Choir

Students in the Intermediate Choir will work on developing their vocal technique and learn choral pieces from a variety of genres. The choir will have the opportunity to perform at various school concerts throughout the year and will be featured at special assemblies and celebrations.

Kits Beach Cleanup

Join the SJS team as they help clean up Kitsilano Beach. Service based clubs engage students in mindful activities, and instill a sense of responsibility towards our local community. By embracing a holistic approach, we ensure our students’ activities are well-rounded and meaningful.

Other Co-Curriculars Include:

Art for a Cause

Baking for Buster

Board Games

Creative Build Challenge

Cross Stitching

Keva Plank Construction

Kung Fu Fan

Pottery Club

Strategy Gaming Club

Pollinator Project

Dance Play

Gratitude Club

Grade 5 Leadership Club

Textile Design

And Many More