Annual Giving

Annual Giving

Discover Annual Giving at SJS

The many programmes and opportunities we offer at SJS would not be possible without your generous financial contributions. Annual Giving supports initiatives that enhance the student experience in academics, co-curriculars, arts, athletics, wellness, service, outdoor learning and more. Your donations also offer our teachers the resources and professional development opportunities required to best support our students.

Annual Giving provides our social and emotional support counsellors with resources to build wellness programmes that raise awareness of mental health and benefit every child.

Finally, the generous support of our families over the years has enabled the school to build on our mission, vision and values. As a result, SJS is equipped to provide outstanding facilities and constant support for our children, even in unforeseeable circumstances.

Together, we can help our students, and future generations who attend SJS, shine.

Founders Circle

Donations of $1,500 or more annually are recognized by membership in our Founders Circle. Donors receive giving reports throughout the year and are honoured at the annual Founders Circle Reception.

Be a leader in our community and participate in Annual Giving to help our students thrive. Our participation goal is 100%. Every gift, regardless of size, makes a difference.

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