Student Wellness
Junior School

Student Wellness

Supporting Student Success

Student wellness and well-being is a key priority at SJS. Our tight-knit and supportive community ensures our students understand that taking care of yourself is a key part of personal growth.

With a dedicated team of school counsellors and learning support professionals, we provide comprehensive support to ensure every student thrives.

Guiding Students to Success: School Counsellors

Our school boasts two experienced and caring school counsellors who play a vital role in supporting students and their families. In the Junior School (Grades K-5) and the Senior School (Grades 6-12), our counsellors provide personal counselling, collaborate with teachers and staff, and foster open communication with parents. Their commitment contributes to the overall success of our students.

Nurturing Social and Emotional Well-being: Counselling and Curriculum

We prioritize the social and emotional needs of our students through a multi-faceted approach. Our school counsellors engage in one-on-one counselling sessions, addressing individual concerns. Additionally, we implement age-appropriate and development-level-relevant awareness and prevention curriculum throughout the year. This comprehensive curriculum includes interactive lessons, workshops, guest speakers, presentations, and student-led discussions, aligning with the requirements of the BC Ministry of Education. We extend support to parents through informative sessions, featuring guest speakers, workshops, and a book club.

Comprehensive Learning Support: Empowering Every Learner

Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are developed for students with identified learning differences. Our staff closely collaborates with teachers and students within the classroom, ensuring educational goals are met. We employ various learning strategies and options to create an inclusive environment that aligns with the IBO curriculum and requirements. In-class support and personalized assistance outside the classroom maximize student potential and engagement. We also offer assistive technology and assessment adaptations to cater to specific needs. Parent involvement is valued throughout the planning process, with regular program reviews to ensure ongoing success.