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Students Reflect on their MYP Projects

Students Reflect on their MYP Projects

Last week saw an important milestone for our Grade 10 students, the MYP Personal Project Exhibition. The MYP projects represent eight months of hard work and commitment, as students sign-off their MYP years by researching an interest or passion, while using the skills and abilities they have gained during their five years in the programme.

This year’s cohort produced a huge variety of projects with everything from creative short films, clothing and jewellery designs, 3D models of green energy housing and sustainable redesigns in our city and neighbourhood. Several students focused their projects on well-being and mental health, others around global issues such as climate change, or specific areas in the realm of sport and exercise. 

The aim of the MYP project is to give students an opportunity to participate in a sustained, self-directed inquiry; to generate creative new insights and to develop deeper understandings through in-depth investigation. Students develop their skills, attitudes and knowledge to complete a project over an extended period of time as they learn to appreciate the process and take pride in their accomplishments.

Scroll down to read reflections from Grade 10 and 11 students on what the MYP project meant to them, and what advice they would give advice to the Grade 9s on approaching their own projects next year. You can also see a gallery of images on mySJS from this year’s exhibition.

Elise Bereti

Elise Bereti, Grade 10, tells us more about her project.

I have written a research paper about gender bias in sports, specifically unpacking inequalities in both professional and school sports. 

I knew I wanted to combine my love for sport and my passion for social injustices so coming up with my project idea wasn’t too challenging. I began conducting my research in November, mostly using online sources for my research around professional sports, and I conducted a school-wide survey to investigate biases at school level. I also interviewed four female athletes for a video that I played at my exhibition booth.

My supervisor Ms. Moffatt has been a great help in guiding me through the process, she played ice hockey at a high level and had a helpful perspective and shared her thoughts with me throughout. As I had never written an actual research paper before, having a meeting with Ms. Finn where she went over every step to writing a successful paper, was probably the most helpful and beneficial meeting I’ve had throughout the whole process. 

Student Reflections

What did you get out of the MYP personal project?

Susan Xiong, Grade 11, said: “The MYP project involved a lot of self-discipline and time management as it is less guided than other school projects up to that point. I have found these skills particularly beneficial for my Extended Essay as part of the Diploma Programme, which is similar to the MYP project but requires a greater degree of self-organization due to less teacher guidance.”

Elise Bereti, Grade 10, said: “I think my biggest takeaway/learning from this project is about good time management. This project has helped me understand the true importance of this skill, that I will be taking with me to utilize in other projects and areas of life. As IB learners we have learned and practised using self-management skills to plan and organize our time to complete tasks. This process has been no different, but it was no doubt a huge test of all of our self-management and time management skills, and so helpful to gain experience in completing tasks over a long period of time, which I know will be useful for the DP.”

Vincent Jecht, Grade 11, said: “While the MYP programme and the project continuously emphasize the development of the five ATL skills, I would argue that the most notable quality I gained from the process is being independent. While the MYP coordinator and supervisors provide guidance, ultimately each student is independent and solely responsible for the outcome of the project and needs to plan accordingly. I think the most important lesson I took from the MYP to the DP is to consistently stay on track, value each class equally, and don’t miss out on any opportunities.”

Lucas Pawlowski, Grade 10, said: “Through working on this project, my writing skills definitely improved, as well as my time management as meeting deadlines was important. After working on this project I have learned that time management is an essential skill to be successful in the DP and beyond.”

What advice would you give to students taking on their MYP project next year?

Susan Xiong, Grade 11: “Do not procrastinate. Before officially commencing your project, I would advise to establish a timeline. This allows you to assess the feasibility of your project and ensure completion by the deadline. 

“The MYP project can be used for other things such as college applications and resumes. While choosing a project you are passionate about also consider how this can benefit your future.”

Vincent Jecht, Grade 11: “Knowing that the MYP project spans over several months, I think it is valuable for students to start thinking about possible ideas early on, identifying whether their ideas are plausible and realistic. This will automatically reduce the workload and allow for a smoother start to the new school year. 

“Secondly, I recommend choosing a topic that genuinely interests you. While this is commonly said, my approach to choosing a topic would involve considering how it could benefit me in the future and the pursuit of my passions.”