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Homeroom Resources

Homeroom Resources

Our Senior School Counsellor, Ms. Julia Bright led this homeroom community initiative aimed at fostering more connection and play and less time spent focused on screens.

Thanks to your support through Annual Giving each homeroom was given an allocation to spend on items which they feel best represents their cohort. 

Madison Green, Grade 6 homeroom teacher

“These funds were VERY helpful to build community and relationships with our homeroom classes this year. I was able to ask students for their input and have students lead the “requests” for what they would like to have purchased. Some examples of what my class decided to purchase included a couple of chess sets, fidgets to help everyone focus during independent work, comfy cushions for flexible seating options and fun decor items such as Harry Potter inspired lights as the class were big HP fans. This made the classroom more inviting and helped make the classroom a space they felt they had input in.”

James Emslie, Grade 12 homeroom teacher

“After hearing that we would be fortunate enough to receive a budget for our homeroom this year, the students of Homeroom 12A excitedly worked together to assemble a shopping cart of goodies that they felt could significantly enhance their homeroom experience and support them in feeling comfortable and happy in this space. They approached this task thoughtfully and made our homeroom their own through the careful selection of a variety of plants, lights, fidget toys and more. It has been particularly impressive to see the care and responsibility that the students have shown with the new classroom features. The outcome has been a noticeably improved appreciation for the homeroom space that has extended to the other students who come in and out of the classroom.”

Gemma Connell, Grade 7 homeroom teacher:

“My homeroom funds have made a big difference to students’ comfort and enjoyment during homeroom. The two biggest hits are fleece blankets, which help students ease into the school day, and the games purchases, which allow students to connect without the use of screens. Exploding Kittens is very popular and you can hear students laughing with joy whenever they play.

“Thank you to Annual Giving for the opportunity to enhance the students’ homeroom experience.”